Spam/Virus Filtering

Hard to fathom that, for a less than 100-user client, we’ve blocked 94.7% of all email destined to them in the last 11 months due to spam and email-borne viruses. Of the 2.3MM emails, over 1.5MM of them contained viruses. Astounding…

File Sharing/Syncronization

Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and an increasingly mobile workforce are putting new pressures on IT and changing the requirements for how workers want (and need) to access corporate data. Workers need to connect across distance, not just with coworkers, but also with customers and suppliers. Consider that 73% work with customers on a typical day; 68%[…]

Mobile Workforce Solutions

BYOD  and the Mobile Workforce is here to stay. Make the most of it – on the right terms. The world has gone mobile and business is no exception. Workers are choosing their own devices and logging in from anywhere. Productivity is higher than ever. But the new mobility paradigm raises legitimate security concerns for[…]

Happy Thanksgiving!

  Thanksgiving is here!  Once again, another year has flown by. Which is why it’s important to pause and give thanks. Thank you for being our client and business partner this year. We have exciting advancements and opportunities coming and know, together, we will do amazing things as we move into 2019! In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday,[…]

Year End Managed Services Promotion

 Holiday Managed Services Promotion:Businesses continue to face Technology challenges, costing valuable time and resources. This is a great incentive, both for IT leaders who have been thinking of outsourcing some of their workload, increase security, expand mobility or migrate to cloud hosting and for business owners who need a reliable technology support partner with those[…]

Understanding Managed Services

As a definition, Managed Services allows a business to offload IT operations to a service provider, known as a Managed Services Provider. The managed service provider assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems within a business.The Managed Services software that is in place today allows providers to[…]

Minimize Data Loss with IntelligentVault

Servers fail. Hard drives die. Laptops are lost. Can your organization afford the loss of business-critical data? Data is the lifeblood of every business. Unfortunately, there are countless ways for businesses to lose data, including hardware and software failures, physical damage, loss, and theft. When data loss occurs, especially on critical workstations and servers, business[…]

Microsoft Office 365

Made the move to Microsoft Office 365? If not, let us show you how the new tools and technology can simplify your business, allow you to collaborate more seamlessly and deliver top-level content to your clients. We’ve perfected the migration strategies to ease the transition to the cloud.