September 28, 2015

Backup and Disaster Recovery


Business-Grade Business Continuity Services with Redundancy, Security and Speed.

Business success can depend on access to the right data. Protecting that information – from human and technical errors, everyday- or site-wide disasters – is no small matter. Data loss can lead to lost revenues, privacy violations and lawsuits, among other challenges.

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions safeguard data through both on-site backups or off-site backup to the cloud. Intelligent Networks, Inc. protects data no matter where it resides, whether on workstations, laptops, servers, NAS devices, or in the cloud in common SaaS applications. Sophisticated software plus the scale of our Solution Partner's Cloud ensures business data is protected, available, and recoverable whether an everyday or site-wide disaster strikes. Data backups are encrypted, ensuring privacy and total security for information either in motion or at rest. It’s always safe and secure.








Security and Confidentiality through Encryption

Our Solution Partners adhere to the highest standards of data security by engineering systems that protect and maintain data, while ensuring its confidentiality. We insist on in-depth network security mechanisms and our services adhere to stringent, internationally-accepted standards for data encryption and network transmission, including AES 256-bit, FIPS-197, NIST 800-38A, HMAC-SHA-256, PBKDF2, and RSA 3072-bit.

Data Integrity Assured

Silent data corruption is a real threat to business data today. Without proactive repair measures in massive storage environments, data that’s corrupted without detection can propagate, in turn corrupting redundant or backup copies. Our cloud technology uses end-to-end checksums to tag each block data with verifiable identifiers to validate integrity of data through the entire process. If corruption is found, safe redundant copies are automatically used for repair. Tagged, signed and encrypted copies are then stored on physically separate devices, assuring integrity. eFolder’s unique cloud architecture not only guarantees the integrity of each data block, but also guarantees correct write ordering and proper write cache flushing semantics.




How It Works.

Intelligent Network, Inc.’s Business Continuity Services comprise an array of file-level, image-based and SaaS backup technologies. File sync, Backup, BDR, and Cloud backups are all critical components in an organization’s comprehensive data protection strategy. Robust automated scheduling and monitoring provides instant alerts and notifications for administrators and service providers. Recovery is fast and agile, whether it’s on-site, from the cloud, or in the cloud with cloud-based recovery.  Intelligent Networks, Inc. Business Continuity Services offer multiple ways to protect and restore data based on the wide variety of business use cases.