Hooded figure working on computer (source: https://makemecybersafe.com/2024/06/what-is-the-cyber-threat-landscape/)

What Is the Cyber-Threat Landscape?

The digital age has brought incredible advancements, but it’s also opened a Pandora’s box of security challenges. Cyber threats are a constant and evolving menace, demanding our awareness and vigilance to protect against the ever-changing cyber-threat landscape.

What is the cyber-threat landscape?

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Good vs. Bad AI-style heads facing each other (source: https://makemecybersafe.com/2024/06/ai-friend-and-foe-in-cybersecurity/)

AI: Friend and Foe in Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence is a game-changer, offering security teams a powerful edge in threat detection, response, and even prediction.

However just as AI empowers defenders, it also presents attackers with new avenues for exploitation.

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Hands on a computer with mobile phone sitting on desk (source: https://makemecybersafe.com/2024/06/dont-blur-the-lines-between-work-and-personal-devices/)

Don’t Blur the Lines Between Work and Personal Devices!

A quick scroll through social media during a lull in the workday, or checking a personal email on your work phone. In today’s fast-paced world, convenience often reigns supreme.

Unfortunately when it comes to our devices, blurring the lines between work and personal can pose significant cybersecurity risks!

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At Howell Orthodontics, we have used Intelligent Networks Inc for over five years and have been very pleased with the network options and customer service provided for our all-digital practice. We have to be very sensitive and HIPAA compliant with patient data. When we converted to our first cloud-based practice management software in 2022, INI was there to make sure that all transition problems were quickly handled, that we had all of the IT puzzle pieces in place and running smoothly, and even added a VOIP phone system that has helped our practice tremendously. I appreciate the well-explained solutions to provide the most up to date and robust cybersecurity risk mitigation without pressure to purchase unnecessary hardware or software. I highly recommend Chris Tucker and his INI team!

Dr. Emily Howell

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Chris Tucker and Intelligent Networks have and continue to earn our trust in a domain that is critical to our business: network and cybersecurity. Chris is responsive, responsible, and always looking out for the best interest of our organization. We are grateful for his attention to detail, as well as his spirit of philanthropy.

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As an accounting firm, IT services are crucial to our success. We view Intelligent Networks as an extension to our team. We work with sensitive client data across multiple software platforms. Intelligent Networks helps keep our data secure and our systems running smoothly. Whether it’s a minor technical issue or a major disruption, Chris Tucker and his team are always quick to respond to our cries for help. We lean on Intelligent Network’s experience, and we trust them to look out for us in an ever-changing tech and IT world.

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Intelligent Networks, Inc. has been providing IT services for Amos, Maney & Payne CPAs since 2009. What started out as providing network and hardware services has grown into a partnership with the Managed IT Services they now provide. As the risks and uncertainties of Cybersecurity continue to increase our concerns are always addressed professionally by the team at INI. in a timely manner. Amos, Maney & Payne CPAs would not be able to provide services to our clients without the support of Intelligent Networks, Inc.

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Working with Chris Tucker and Intelligent Networks has been an absolute game-changer for Chimney Oaks Golf Club. Their expertise is unparalleled, and their dedication to understanding our unique needs has been remarkable. Chris and his team have consistently delivered top-notch IT solutions, ensuring our operations run seamlessly and efficiently… I highly recommend Chris Tucker and Intelligent Networks to any business seeking reliable, innovative IT services.

Michael Acton

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We have been working with Chris and his team since 2015. During that time, our company has consistently grown and the team at Intelligent Networks have worked alongside us the entire time. They are very quick to respond to any needs we have and really take the time to look at our systems to find the most cost-effective, yet secure way, they can provide IT expertise to us. They are an invaluable part of our company and could not ask for a better relationship.

Paula Wall

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PayCo, Inc. has trusted Intelligent Networks with all our IT needs for many years. Our business is heavily based on technology, and Intelligent Networks has always taken great care us. They are knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and always available when we need them. I highly recommend them for any business in need of IT services.

Tyler Maney

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